Click here to learn how to use PicMonkey

You may recall that I did the Ultimate Blog Challenge back in January where I blogged every day for 31 days straight.

I decided to have a little rest in February, but now that’s 1st of March, I’m ready for a new monthly challenge 🙂

This month’s challenge involves learning how to use a free online photo editing software called PicMonkey to create some awesome graphics for my  two blogs and

Click here for tutorials on how to use PicMonkey

I couldn’t find any books on how to use PicMonkey, so I scoured the internet for hints & tips on how to use PicMonkey. All the information which I’ve gathered together can be found on my PicMonkey Tips & Tutorials Pinterest Board.

PicMonkey Tips & Tutorials Pinterest Board

My goal for this PicMonkey Challenge is to create 4 new blog images by the end of March.  To help keep me accountable I’ll be showing you the before and after photos on this blog.

I’d love for you to join me on this 30 day PicMonkey challenge. To join the challenge, all you have to do is follow the PicMonkey Tips & Tutorials Pinterest Board.

Don’t worry you don’t have the spend the next 30 days on PicMonkey.  All that I ask is that you spend some time on PicMonkey and create at least 1 new image for your website or blog as part of the challenge.

Are you in or out?  Simply leave a comment below.


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  1. danita Carr says:

    Thank you soooo much! I am always having questions about Pic Monkey. Pinned and will be using frequently I’m sure

  2. Delia @ Blog Formatting says:

    I already follow you on Pinterest 🙂 And I can definitely give PicMonkey a try for some images this month. I tend to use quotescover but I’m up for the challenge 🙂 Great idea, Carol!

  3. Robin Strohmaier says:

    Carol, I’m following you on Pinterest. I just tried PicMonkey out and it is definitely a easy-to-use online program. What a great idea for a challenge! Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Carolyn Jennings says:

    I just discovered PicMonkey a few days ago! I can definitely use this!

  5. Delmy Vialpando says:

    Now that’s a challenge I can take! I enjoy working with PicMonkey but need a reason to move on and discover new features. I will be traveling to Belgium this month, but “One new image” is achievable! I am on and looking forward to seeing your before and after photos! Great idea! You do motivate by example!

  6. I am in!! I appreciate your great enthusiasm Carol!

  7. Busy Mom Monologue says:

    wow@ this is a challenge that I will try to do my best to do. I use picmonkey on my most of the time for my blog pictures.

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