Carol from Life Style & Image Skiing in France

I’ll be off on my annual ski trip on tomorrow and just thought I would share with you some of the things that you need to pack when going on a skiing holiday.

1. Ski Jacket

Eider Women's Breckenridge Ski Jacke

I love the colour of Eider Women’s Breckenridge Ski Jacket.

2.  Salopettes (Ski Pants)

Spyder Women's Winner Ski Pants

When it comes to ski pants, I usually opt for the black option.  Image Source.  If you’re 5ft 3” or under try shopping in the children’s department for ski pants. I got mine from Girl’s Department at Trespass.

3. Rucksack

The North Face Women's Base Camp Double Shot Rucksack

A rucksack is essential for when you’re out on the slope.  

4 & 5. Base Layers

Icebreaker Women's GT260 Express Crew Base Layer Thermal Top

Also known as a thermal layer, these help to keep your body warm in the cold climate.  You’ll need one for your top half and another for your bottom half.  

My favourite ski thermals are the Icebreaker Women’s GT260 Express Crew Base Layer Top and the Icebreaker Women’s GT260 Express Legless 3/4 Leggings.  3/4 leggings are much better than full length leggings when worn with ski boots.

Icebreaker Women's GT260 Express Legless 3/4 Thermal Leggings

6. Mid Layer (Fleece)

The North Face Womens Karina Full Zip Hoodie

These are worn over your thermals.  My favourite fleeces are The North Face Womens Karina Full Zip Hoodie.

7. Ski Helmet

Salomon Icon Custom Air 13/14 Ski Helmet

No matter how good a skier you are, it’s best to wear a ski helmet to protect your head. If you’re not a regular skier you can usually rent these from the ski rental shop.  I would recommend that you wear your normal wooly beanie hat for apres ski only.

8. Ski Goggles

Oakley Stockholm Purple Iridium Ski Goggles

Ski Googles not only help to protect your eyes from the sun, they also can help you to see better when it’s snowing.  If you’re petite like me, you might be able to get away with a pair of children’s ski googles!  You’ll see much better in a pair of ski googles vs sunglasses.

9. Neck Gaiter

Mountain Equipment Powerstretch Neck Gaiter

A Neck Gaiter is ideal for keeping your neck covered and face warm in the cold climate.  I would recommend taking 2 of these with you on holiday .

10. Ski Gloves

Hestra Womens Goretex Classic Ski Mitt

These are a must to keep your hands warm.  Ski Mittens are warmer than Ski Gloves.  My favourite are the Hestra Women’s Gore-tex Classic Ski Mitt.

11. Ski Poles

Volkl Phantastick 13/14 Ski Poles

If you’re a regular skiier it’s best to invest in your own pair of Ski Poles.  Alternatively, they can be rented from the ski rental shop.

12. Ski Socks

Smartwool Women's Phd Ski Medium Socks

When it comes to ski socks, I recommend the Smartwool Women’s Phd Ski Medium Ski Socks.

13. Ski Boots

Salomon X Pro 80 W 13/14 Ski Boots

When it comes to Ski Boots I recommend that you visit a specialist Snowsports store such as Ellis Brigham or Snow & Rock to be fitted with a pair of Ski Boots. (Image Source)  

An poor fitting ski boot can dramatically affect your skiing.  Alternatively, they can be rented from the ski rental shop.

14. Boot Dryer

Hotronic Snapdry Ski Boot & Glove Dryer/Warmer

A Boot Dryer will dry your ski boots and keep warm them up when needed. Ski Chalets will have an are where you can keep & dry your boots, however I like to slip my feet into a warm & dry pair of ski boots in the morning.

15. Skis

K2 Missy Skis + Fastrack2 7.0 Bindings 13/14


You have the option of bringing your own skis or renting them from the ski rental shop.

16. Ski Roller Bag

Ellis Brigham Team Edition Double Roller

If you’re taking your own skis, I highly recommend that you purchase a ski bag with wheels to help transport your skis from your car to the airport and from the airport to the ski chalet.  It’s not easy lugging a set a skis around when you’ve also got your luggage cases.

17 & 18. Sun Protection

Balmi Balmi Lip Balm

Whilst you may be covered up head to toe when skiing, your face will still be exposed so it’s essential to ensure that you have adequate sun/snow protection on your face.  I like to keep a small bottle sun cream and a small lip balm in the pocket of my ski jacket and apply it during coffee breaks.  

Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding before?  Simply leave a comment below.



  1. Nabanita says:

    I wish to ski once 🙂

  2. Darchelle Danaye Smith says:

    Helpful …. I’m from the south and would love nothing more than going skiing in the future … thanks for the post

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