Violeta by Mango Plus Size Dress Collection

Mango has launched it’s plus size clothing range called Violeta by Mango. It’s designed for women who are a UK Size 12 – 24.

The fact that Mango consider a Size 12 to be plus size has caused outrage across UK & Spain. Since when did being a Size 12 mean that you were plus sized?

The Violeta by Mango range consists of 400 pieces in total. Here are a few of the dresses from the collection:

Drape Dress

Mango Violeta Plus Size Draped Dress

Bicolor Fitted Dress

Mango Violeta Bicolor Fitted Plus Size Dress

Zip Satin Dress

Mango Violeta Satin Zip Plus Size Dress

Geometric Print Dress

Mango Violeta Geometic Plus Size Print Dress

Flowy Wrap Dress

Mango Violeta Flowy Plus Size Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

Mango Violeta Plus Size Wrap Dress

Zip Shift Dress

Mango Violeta Zip Plus Size Shift Dress

Leopard Shift Dress

Mango Violeta Leopard Plus Size Shift Dress

Floral Print Dress

Mango Violeta Floral Print Dress

Which is your favourite Violeta for Mango Dress from the above?  Simply leave a comment below.


  1. Margaret Heisworkingitout Reed says:

    I would be pleased to have all of these in my closet…very versatile.

  2. Vanessa Terrell says:

    Cute stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  3. candess says:

    Love the dresses Carol. They remind me of the early 70s when I made my own clothes. Really enjoyed making wrap dresses. Thanks for sharing!

  4. fashion-mommy says:

    My favourite is the classic black wrap dress, would be such a good piece to have in the wardrobe. Am a bit annoyed over the size 12 plus size tag though – think this is silly marketing from Mango.

  5. Nate Leung says:

    All very solid choices. I know someone who can benefit from this. I’ll pass this along!

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