Twitter Marketing for Dummies under £10 via Amazon

Today is Day 23 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I’m pleased to say that so far, I’ve managed to blog for 23 days straight.  As the Ultimate Blog Challenge ends on 31 January I’ve been having a think about my next challenge.

One area which I want to focus on is to gain more Twitter followers. I’ve recently been on Amazon to see what books are out there for under £10 (around $17).

I’ve also cross referenced the author’s name to their twitter accounts to see how many followers they have, to ensure that they practice what they preach.  Below are the top 5 Twitter Marketing Books which is currently on my Amazon wishlist in price order:

1.  How to Twitter: Getting Started with 30 Daily Do-ables by Stacey Myers

Stacey has 15.7K followers via @staceylmyers (Kindle – £1.95/$3.20)

2.  Twitter Marketing – An Hour a Day by Hollis Thomases

Hollis has 8.2K followers via @hollisthomases (Paperback – £2.79/$4.11)

3. How To Make Money With Twitter by Tom Corson-Knowles

Tom has 41.6K followers @JuiceTom (Kindle – £2.99/$4.91)

4.  30 Day Twitter Challenge by Nikki Pilkington


Nikki has 17.4K followers @NikkiPilkington (Kindle – £4.55/$7.47)

5.  Twitter Marketing for Dummies by Kyle Lacy

Kyle has 34.7K followers @kyleplacy (Paperback – £5.28). Unfortunately the US version of the book is $21.58 at Amazon 🙁

If you haven’t done so already, I’ve love for you to follow me on Twitter. Simply click here.

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  1. Good going on doing a blog for 23 days straight!

  2. Thanks for the information.

  3. Well done you – I would really struggle to write every day! I have a Twitter and Blogging friend who wrote a book called ‘Learn Twitter in 10 Minutes’ another one well worth checking out – here is her blog link – Ax


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