10 ways to motivate yourself to clean your house

Cleaning your home is what I call a necessary evil. It’s something which needs to be done whether you like it or not.

Here are my top 10 tips for motivating yourself to clean your home.

1. Put on some comfy clothes

Marks & Spencer Womens Pyjamas

You’ll be getting down and dirty, so you’ll want to be comfortable as possible. I like cleaning in my PJ’s as they are not only comfy but once I’ve finished cleaning, I can pop them straight into the laundry basket and wear a fresh new pair of PJ’s later on in the evening. (Image Source)

2. Set a time limit

Time Timer via Amazon

Grab a timer and set it for 30 minutes or 1 hour. When the timer buzzes I’ll down tools. Why a maximum of 1 hour? I find that if I clean for over an hour it becomes laborious and I have less motivation to clean the next time round. (Image Source)

3. Put on your favourite music.

Ipod Shuffle Blue via Amazon

I plug myself into my iPod Shuffle. (Image Source)

4. Wear cleaning gloves.

Patterned Rubber Gloves via Amazon

I’m not a fan of getting my hands dirty, but will do so when I wear rubber gloves. There are lots of pretty ones to choose from. (Image Source)

5. Start with an easy cleaning task and build momentum.

Ideal Standard Concept Bathroom Sink

If you had to choose, which cleaning task do you find the easiest? For me, it’s cleaning the bathroom sink. (Image Source)

6. Focus on cleaning 1 floor level at a time.

Floor Levels

For example clean the downstairs rooms one week (e.g. Lounge, Kitchen etc) and all the upstairs rooms the following week (E.g. Bathroom, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2 etc) and rotate it. (Image Source)

7. Focus on cleaning one room at the time.


White Bedroom with blue accents

If you really hate the idea of cleaning the whole house in 1 or 2 goes, think about create a cleaning schedule which means that you’ll only clean 1 room at the time. Set a timer for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. E.g. Monday – Bathroom, Tuesday – Kitchen, Wednesday – Bedroom 1 etc. (Image Source)

8. Reward yourself for your cleaning efforts.


John Lewis Assorted Tea Selection

This doesn’t have to cost a lot. For example, you could reward yourself with a cup of your favourite tea or coffee. (Image Source)

9. Delegate it


Family Cleaning

If there’s more than 1 person living in your home, why not enlist the help of others. I’m sure they helped to create the mess, so it’s perfectly reasonable to ask them to help clean it up. (Image Source)

10. Outsource it

Professional Cleaner

If you really hate cleaning – hire a cleaner. (Image Source)

I’d love for you to share what you do to help motivate you to clean your home. Simply leave a comment below.


  1. Such clever tips! We don’t really have to make ourselves slaves on a full cleaning , a room at a time is my general rule, and I enjoy it! I like the idea of coming back home and find the house clean and tidy, it makes me feel really comfortable! I didn’t think about those lovely gloves, I should buy a pair!

  2. Delmy Vialpando says:

    Awesome checklist! I love the one room at a time and setting a time limit, but specially “outsourcing” 🙂

  3. Busy Mom Monologue says:

    phew! just reading this list make me realize that I have to do a nice cleaning this weekend for our Christmas dinner! Great tips Thank You!

  4. Delia @ Blog Formatting says:

    I love your tips, Carol! The one I like best is to clean with my daughters listening to soft music and chatting. Gives us time to catch up and it’s such a great time saver when 3 people work as a team, instead of one 😉

  5. Lisa Mallis says:

    I love your list! As a time strategy visionary, I actually recommend many of your tips to my clients to help them “get motivated” to face any large task they don’t “love” doing! I’m curious, what’s on your playlist?

    • Thanks Lisa. My playlist is mainly full of pop songs. Train is my favourite band at the moment for cleaning. They have some very upbeat songs!

  6. Phoebe Thomas says:

    I love #10 best, then #9!!

  7. Julie Jamison says:

    I cannot clean without music. It makes the dreaded task seem fun. Thanks for sharing your list Carol!

  8. Tomorrow is cleaning day. I needed this inspiration. Some of them I already do, i..e do one floor at a time. And the music suggestion is great. That makes the time fly. Merry Christmas to you. Visiting from Blog Formatting.

  9. Robin says:

    I needed to hear this, Carol! It is time to get to work. Love the music suggestion! Happy holidays!

  10. Veronica says:

    you should have just started with #10 and been done with it! actually sometimes i do a turbo clean where i give myself between 5 & 15 minutes to get as much cleaned as possible in those few minutes. sometimes the progress i’ve made is enough motivation to continue on. and if it doesn’t spark additional motivation at least the place looks tidier in those minutes

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